Sitting in meditation

Sitting down or lying down to meditate – which is better?

This is a question we are often asked, especially now that due to our guests’ requests we’ve started offering a lying down option for our evening meditations. Even though one can meditate in either position, we would advise most people … Read More

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Hosting Wells Fargo’s EMEA Women’s Network

On Wednesday 26th July we hosted an event for Wells Fargo’s EMEA Women’s Network at Inhere. It was a wonderful chance to introduce our concept to our neighbours in the City, the story behind Inhere, and the benefits of meditation … Read More

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Inherestudio meditation classes

A City headhunter shares why she meditates at Inhere studio

Charlotte Brooks is a headhunter in the City, and one of Inhere’s first guests since we launched. In this Q&A she shares why she comes for regular meditation sessions in our studio. Could you tell us a little bit about … Read More

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Inherestudio meditation

London’s first drop-in, teacher-free meditation studio is now open

“It’s incredibly important to put in time to make sure we’re feeling good – mentally, not just physically. One way to do that is meditation. Hence the launch of a new snazzy meditation studio in London’s stress-packed financial sector” – … Read More

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