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3 Myths only a Meditation Blog can reveal

This meditation blog reveals truths about meditation you could not otherwise immediately unravel by asking Google. Here are three demystified myths about one of the decades’ increasingly popular practices.  The purpose of meditation is to silence your mind  Rather than … Read More

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meditation helps sleep

How does meditation help you sleep better?

Why sleep is so important to your wellbeing, and how does meditation help you sleep better? As much as the theory goes that we should spend a third of our lives sleeping, the truth is that 40% of British people are … Read More

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time to meditate

Making time for meditation

By dedicating time to meditation classes now, you are sparing yourself years of stress.    Meditation classes work on improving wellbeing in a number of ways:   1/ Staying steady Shaken, stirred or smooth? We all occasionally have one…a moment of … Read More

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Meditation in London

Meditation in London: Train your Monkey Mind

Meditation in London is a monthly piece sharing practical insights and practices for you to apply in everyday situations. This month we are exploring the monkey mind. Sometimes, we only have seven seconds. And even in seven seconds, you get distracted. … Read More

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Sitting in meditation

Sitting down or lying down to meditate – which is better?

This is a question we are often asked, especially now that due to our guests’ requests we’ve started offering a lying down option for our evening meditations. Even though one can meditate in either position, we would advise most people … Read More

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Hosting Wells Fargo’s EMEA Women’s Network

On Wednesday 26th July we hosted an event for Wells Fargo’s EMEA Women’s Network at Inhere. It was a wonderful chance to introduce our concept to our neighbours in the City, the story behind Inhere, and the benefits of meditation … Read More

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Inherestudio meditation classes

A City headhunter shares why she meditates at Inhere studio

Charlotte Brooks is a headhunter in the City, and one of Inhere’s first guests since we launched. In this Q&A she shares why she comes for regular meditation sessions in our studio. Could you tell us a little bit about … Read More

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Inherestudio meditation

London’s first drop-in, teacher-free meditation studio is now open

“It’s incredibly important to put in time to make sure we’re feeling good – mentally, not just physically. One way to do that is meditation. Hence the launch of a new snazzy meditation studio in London’s stress-packed financial sector” – … Read More

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