A chance to switch off and on again.

Doing two, or three or five things at once has become normal. But while our lifestyles have adapted to the pace of big cities – to a never-ending barrage of sounds, tasks and events – our minds and the systems that control our stress levels are yet to catch up.

Research shows that meditating, even just for a few minutes at a time, can help us cope. It can help us manage stress better. Think more clearly. Sleep deeper. Work more efficiently. Be a better friend. Live in a calmer, more considered way:

Why meditate?

Too busy to stop?

Research shows that even 20 minutes of meditation a day over 4 consecutive days can make us calmer and more mindful. So drop in whenever you can – and see how different you feel.

Still not sure if meditation is for you? Why not try our 5 minute taster, Pause, completely free for your first time?

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