Where the city stops.

Meditation studio in the City of London.

Meditation ClassesStudio Sessions

Inhere offers Londoners a quiet, beautiful place to unwind and clear your mind.

Our Meditation Classes are led by teachers to relax and train the mind.

Our Studio Sessions are teacher-free meditations of 20, 30 or 40 minutes with audio guidance and soothing soundscapes, because sometimes you just want to drop in for a quick respite.

Meditation ClassesStudio sessions

Our studio is a little haven in the middle of the City

Gentle lighting. Soothing sounds. Chairs and cushions made for meditation. A space where you can feel your shoulders drop and your mind slow down.

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Meditate where you are

Sometimes it’s just easier to be guided through meditation in your own space. Whether you’re looking for a one-off group meditation session at your office, or workshops on how to apply mindful approaches in the workplace or daily life, Inhere meditation guides can come to where you are and deliver sessions that work for you.

Increasing numbers of companies are embracing mindfulness as a way to improve wellbeing at work and improve workplace performance. Read about how mindfulness improves workplace performance here.

We’d love to talk through what you might need, so just get in touch anytime.

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