Where the City stops.

Meditation studio in the City of London.

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Inhere offers Londoners a quiet, beautiful place to unwind and clear your mind.

For five minutes. For half an hour. For as long as it takes to shake out the clutter and hear yourself again.

We run bite-sized meditation sessions throughout the day.

Stop off on your way to work. Take a breather at lunchtime. Clear your head between meetings. Or make the time to properly unwind at the end of the day.

Drop in for 20, 30 or 40 minutes.

Or just pause for 5.

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Our studio is a little haven in the middle of the City.

Gentle lighting. Soothing sounds. Chairs and cushions made for meditation. A space where you can feel your shoulders drop and your mind slow down.

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Inherestudio meditation

There are no teachers to make small talk with.

Just easy-to-follow audio tracks that will guide you through calming breathing and meditation exercises.

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Everyone’s welcome, from the cynical to the curious to the qualified.

You don’t need to change your clothes, take a shower or bring a mat.

Just slip off your shoes. Leave your phone at the door. And find a little bit of inner-city peace.

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