Inhere exists to help busy Londoners stop, pause and hear themselves again.

We’ve opened our first studio in Monument, in the heart of the City.

We run bite-sized meditation sessions of different lengths and with different focuses throughout the day. Book online or drop in for bite-sized sessions of 20, 30 or 40 minutes, or even just 5.

There are no teachers – just soothing soundscapes to settle you in and easy-to-follow audio tracks to guide you through breathing and meditation exercises. The studio is a beautifully designed space with only 9 seats. Everyone is welcome, from the cynical to the curious to the qualified.

You don’t need to bring anything, do anything beforehand or get changed out of your work clothes.

So slip off your shoes. Leave your phone at the door. And find some inner-city peace.

Inherestudio meditation classes


Meet Adiba

Inhere is Adiba’s invitation to develop a healthy relationship with our minds. 

After years in large corporations, Adiba discovered Kamalaya, a privately owned health and wellness resort in Thailand, while travelling. Amazed by the effect a week at the centre could have on its guests, Adiba felt compelled to bring its benefits to the streets of busy cities.

Since then Adiba has been deepening her meditation practice and finding scientific research on how the brain and body respond to meditation, starting her own blog Bidushi before starting Inhere.

Inhere brings together her love of beautiful spaces, busy cities, the science of the mind and the wonder of sitting in silence.

Inherestudio meditation


Most of Inhere’s meditations have been created and voiced by Adiba.

Bryn used to be a Buddhist monk, and is now a dramatherapist, psychotherapist, mindfulness-based therapist and lecturer. He is an Advisor to Inhere and has created and voiced the meditation Steady specifically for Inhere.

Paul and Adiba met during their university days and have been friends for over 20 years. He was delighted when Adiba asked if he would lend his calm, assured voice to some of Inhere’s meditations, so he happily obliged.