Alchemy Bowls Sound Bath with Julia Scott-Russell

Tuesday 27 February

18.00-19.00 and 19.30-20.30

At this special event you will have the opportunity to luxuriate in the soft sounds emanating from Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Calm your internal chatter with a warm, gentle, relaxing ‘bath’ of sound.

Julia Scott-Russell is a sound therapy professional who specialises in the practice of therapeutic crystal bowl sound baths as an alternative treatment for anxiety, stress and other disorders. As an accomplished sound bath facilitator and treatment practitioner, Julia has pursued her passion for the Alchemy bowls with an active interest in the therapeutic use of sound. 

“I am passionate about the therapeutic use of sound for both health and wellbeing. My focus is facilitating Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl sessions. These are a therapeutic sound immersion experience which result in the deepest relaxation for both body and mind. They calm internal chatter, provide a digital detox, and serve as an alternative treatment for anxiety and stress.”

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ are internationally recognised as exceptional. The bowls are hand crafted from the highest grade quartz (over 99.99% pure) with a unique blend of gemstones, precious metals, rare crystals and minerals in a variety of sizes.

This is a lying down session; mats and blankets will be provided for maximum relaxation.

When: 27 February



Where: Inhere meditation studio

Price: £15